✓ This delicate manual method of tattooing lets your eyebrows look beautiful, subtle, and natural!   
✓ All manual techniques of permanent make-up are applied with gentle quiet touches under total control. 


All our hand methods are modernized traditional Asian techniques of manual (Hand Stroke) tattooing.  We use disposable needles, designed specifically for these techniques.  

✓ Our manual methods give you full opportunity for extra control. ✓During the procedure, 9 out of 10 clients do not feel any discomfort.   
✓ SLIDE&TAP, 6D and UltraHD hand methods is performed by well-trained professionals without the aid of a tattooing machine.


Using special manual tools and disposable needles we implant special high concentrated permanent pigments info the skin. The procedure is comfortable, thanks to a unique rapid delivery of mild anesthetic cream. We create individual hair strokes with masterful care and control. The same area will not be worked over and over again, leading to diffused, blurry hair strokes, discomfort and possible scarring of the tissue. No more “peachy”, faded pigments and no more ‘ashy’ 'blue-ish'' brows. The precision of manual techniques delivers on the promise of “realistic hair strokes” and shadow … many people cannot believe our brow design is not real hair! Before the procedure, we design the perfect eyebrow shape, then using special manual tools we dip disposable needles in color and then gently implant pigment throughout the area according to the chosen design.  We use different types of movement which we call 'Slide'' or ''Tap'' according to the correction we have with the eyebrows. These methods are noiseless, soft, gentle, non-invasive, and provide the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. Using different type of movements and their different combinations, we can create soft or feathery eyebrows, full or natural, gentle or wild eyebrows, different hair strokes but always alluringly beautiful. The most important thing is that you have complete control over where the pigment is deposited with the manual methods. As real professionals we can control every move and every touch, creating exactly what was designed.  You will have complete discretion for making perfect eyebrow shapes.  Resultwill be perfect through color implanted under the epidermis, just at the surface of the skin's dermal layer. These methods are very controlled and very efficient. The color you chose will never change into another color. 
After application, the skin heals and the pigment is covered by the epidermis, giving the pigment a softer and more natural look than its initial application.


Cleaning, shaping and tinting brows using Brow Henna - which tints not only the brow hair but the skin underneath to provide long lasting shape and fullness that lasts up to two weeks depending on skin type.