Cam Tu Doan, Lash & Brow Specialist accredited by top instructors in the world

Founder & Owner of "SHE FLIRTS"

Cam Tu Doan

I lived in Asia for over a year and was getting my lashes done constantly. I loved it! I looked better, I felt better and it gave me a new sense of confidence. I decided to take a course there because I was curious to see how it was executed. It became a hobby.  After returning home to Toronto, in September of 2012, I became a certified lash technician by Dreamlash Academy

A year later, I decided to train with one of the top Lash Masters in the world, Daniel Dinh at Longmi Lashes, learning his first and only US Patented Technique for Multi-Layering Eyelash Extensions. 

Again in April of 2015, I traveled to L.A. to train with Irina Levchuk inventor of the Russian Volume Technique and a master at "microblading" the newest technique in cosmetic tattooing, which has taken North America by storm in the past 3 years. 

I love the challenge; some may think eyelash extension is tedious but it allows me to be a perfectionist and I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

The best part of my job is making women look and feel beautiful!


Dreamlash Academy, 2012

Longmi Lashes by Daniel Dinh, 2013

Irina Levchuk Lash and Brow Academy, 2015